Left-Handed Chord Charts for Guitar and Mandolin

Left-handed chord charts are hard to come by, especially charts that are good for displaying on an iPad or printing and keeping in a songbook. Given that frustration, you can imagine how glad I was to come across some pretty comprehensive left-handed chord charts for guitar, mandolin, and ukulele on a site called Matt’s Music Monday.

Matt has done a really great thing for all us leftys out there. This format is perfect for quick reference as you’re trying to learn a song. I’ve posted snippet of one of his charts below so you can see why you should go check them out. As you can see, this is good stuff. So if you’re looking for left-handed chord charts for guitar, mandolin, or ukulele, head over to his site to get the original files; they’re more complete and that way he gets the site traffic love.

Left-handed chord chart from Matt's Music Monday
Snippet of a left-handed chord chart form Matt’s Music Monday (http://mattsmusicmonday.tumblr.com)