About Me

My name is Bryan. I have a doctorate from the University of Texas at Austin and have been teaching, conducting, and consulting in the area of research methods for over a decade. I first cut my quantitative teeth on SPSS and SAS (and STATA to some extent) circa 2002. In my professional career I have used those tools and many more, including more general languages such as C++, Python, and Ruby. I do my best to maintain proficiency in as many languages and packages as possible, but I have devoted a considerable amount of recent time to R and Python because of their flexibility and power, and because of the potential of open source software. Like any good data scientist, I have some background in web programming and languages.

Also like any good data scientist and human being, I have a life outside of stats and programming. That life includes other people and hobbies from which I draw inspiration, motivation, and meaning. This was once primarily a professional blog, but I decided if it was going to be my space on the web, it should include more about me than just my career. I enjoy music (I’ve dabbled in drumming since I was a kid), sailing, dad jokes, and soccer – among a list of other things.

Many of the older articles on this site are career-related, but recent posts cover a wider array of topics. Some of the older articles were originally written for ProgrammingR.com, an R-based website that I founded and maintained until it was sold in the summer of 2015.

Contact me

You can use the footer links to contact me. I do sometimes take consulting engagements and am always glad to talk about anything you come across on the site.