Article XII Alexa Skill

I’ve redone this post several times already and haven’t been able to get the tone in line with the rest of the site so I’ll just stick to the facts:

  • Donald Trump said as president he would support Article XII of the Constitution.
  • There is no Article XII of the Constitution.
  • I love my Amazon Echo.
  • I have been wanting to write a skill for my Amazon Echo (a.k.a. Alexa).
  • I wrote an Alexa skill that describes some things Article XII might cover, if it existed.
  • It is mostly based on this work by Tim Carr.
  • If you want to submit additional things that Article XII might cover (if it existed) tweet them to @bryancshepherd hashtag #whatisarticleXII or post them in the comments. I will add them to the next version of the skill if the initial version passes Amazon’s review.
  • There is no chance this skill will pass Amazon’s review.

One of the responses below is selected at random each time Alexa is asked ‘Alexa, what is Article Twelve?’

Article XII of the U.S. Constitution…

  • requires that all dogs be trained to shoot free throws, in the event that such a skill is required to settle an international dispute.
  • governs the creation, distribution, and taxation of loofahs.
  • states that harboring pink, furry, intergalactic lifeforms is prohibited.
  • makes it illegal to carry different denominations of change in the same pocket.
  • describes the process for making dingy whites all nice and sparkly again.
  • requires that cats look apathetic and nonchalant after doing something dumb.
  • certifies these are not the droids you’re looking for.
  • prohibits making the ‘It must be free’ joke to cashiers when products do not ring up correctly.